Cultural and Historic

Todays, better informed, more sophisticated and therefore more demanding travelers seek authentic experience-enhanced vacations exploring the culture and history of the places they visit. Cultural tourism represented the lion share of tour interests, arguably accounting for the lion share of international tourism. Latin American culture stretches over a wide range of interests that together embed the character and personality of the civilizations it represents, demonstrating the expression of what is most relevant to their heritage.

We invite you to learn firsthand the amazing and mysterious history that generate a mix of ancient cultures dating back to Pre-Columbian days or the European colonization that has transformed how Latin America is to this day. So join us on an amazing journey where you will experience open-air museums such as those found in Peru; to Colombia’s rich and multicultural history offering abundance of ancient sites and landmarks. Latin America has it all.

Huts in a beautiful island setting at Peru
Welcome to the land of the Inca, a mysterious lost civilization. What remains are ruins of temples and ancient cities.
Natural beauty of Panama in a canoe ride on the ocean
Explore the natural beauty of Panama, traversing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans aboard the MV Discovery Expedition Cruise.
Old man dressed up in traditional Colombian attire
Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its conflict-riddled past, Colombia is experiencing a tourism renaissance unlike any other destination.
A beautifully designed Catholic Church in Argentina
The Catholic Church in Latin America began with the Spanish colonialization of the Americas and continues through today.
Colombia has a Christian heritage with beautiful churches
Colombia is a devout country with religious architecture that reflects its history and diversity, home to impressive historical churches.
A lighthouse adorns the beautiful beach area
Colombia has risen from its dark past and re-emerged as one of the world's most coveted international destinations.
The statue of Christ the Redeemer with open arms in Brazil
From Carnival and samba, to food, music, religion and dance, African culture dominates everywhere and most everything in Brazil.
Brazil is famous for its rich culture
Once the magnificent capital of Portugal’s New World colony, today Salvador is the pulsating heart and soul of Brazil.
Stunning array of landscapes in Lake District of Chile
Experience, first-hand Chile’s stunning array of landscapes. Begin in Santiago and make your way to the wine country and the Patagonia landscape.
Natural Paradise Galapagos Special cruise ship
On select dates, this Galapagos Special promotion provides your clients with a VIP Ecuador excursion and a $2000 savings.
City landscape adorned by tall buildings in Argentina
This tour was designed to introduce you the diversity of South America, visiting sophisticated Argentina, vibrant Brazil and magical Peru.
A luxury cruise ship taking tourists on a tour in Argentina
A customized tour designed to introduce you the startling diversity and beauty of Argentina while traveling in comfort and style.