Sun setting beside the ocean in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, Natural Paradise

We designed this program to allow you to visit some of the more pristine beaches of Costa Rica while enjoying the local eco-diversity.

Costa Rica is famous for Eco Adventure tours

Costa Rica Eco-Adventure

We designed this program to introduce you to the eco-diversity of Costa Rica visiting some of the most important national parks.

Tour combining magic and adventure of Costa Rica and Panama

Costa Rica & Panama Blends

This tour combines the magic and adventure of Costa Rica and Panama, introducing you to the robust eco-diversity they share.

Enjoy luxury ecological experience offerings in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Perfect Blend

This program was designed to provide a luxury ecological experience offering pampered relaxation, and a variety of activities.

Costa Rica mountains are a treat for adventure tourists

Costa Rica Adventurer

This program was designed with the active traveler in mind, combining robust eco-diversity with the fun and outdoor activities.