The VIP Luxury Journeys Series packages are intended to provide enhanced services for the most demanding passengers that wish to experience exotic destinations with extra special attention for comfort and style. Catering to today’s high-end client means delivering unique, out of the box premium level personalized service that exceed expectations. These clients require proactive, full-on engaged level of services delivered 24/7/365. Delivering the best possible services doesn’t cut it! Handling the truly VIP clientele means delivering the impossible!

Our Connoisseur published programs are a mere sample of possibilities and or suggested programs. These programs incorporate unique travel opportunities with luxury-style accommodations. Whether looking for a luxurious eco-adventure, visiting sites of ancient civilization, seeking fun in the sun, or a combination of all, we invite you to peruse the pages of this section for a sampling of what we offer. Most of our VIP Luxury clientele requires custom-designed services and we’re at the ready to design and deliver the ultimate experience sure to be etched in their memories forever!

Old man dressed up in traditional Colombian attire
Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its conflict-riddled past, Colombia is experiencing a tourism renaissance unlike any other destination.
City landscape adorned by tall buildings in Argentina
This tour was designed to introduce you the diversity of South America, visiting sophisticated Argentina, vibrant Brazil and magical Peru.
A luxury cruise ship taking tourists on a tour in Argentina
A customized tour designed to introduce you the startling diversity and beauty of Argentina while traveling in comfort and style.
Modern expedition cruise ships navigating waterways in Chile
Join us on an amazing journey to the "uttermost end of the earth" on modern expedition cruise ships navigating untamed waterways at the end of earth.
Luxury river cruise on the Amazon
Experience Brazil’s hidden treasures; the wilderness of the Amazon; charming colonial Salvador, the amazing Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.
Horse and carriage on the streets of Quito, Ecuador
This program was designed to introduce you to Ecuador’s Quito, nearby Mashpi Cloud Forest, and the wonders of the Galapagos.
Ecuador land adventure aboard the Tren Crucero
We invite you to this Ecuador land adventure aboard the Tren Crucero, offering the best means of traversing Ecuador’s unique topography.
Woman enjoys a drink at a jungle safari in Ecuador
Ecuador has an array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, majestic volcanic landscapes and dense jungle rainforest.
Sun setting beside the ocean in Costa Rica
We designed this program to allow you to visit some of the more pristine beaches of Costa Rica while enjoying the local eco-diversity.
Costa Rica is famous for Eco Adventure tours
We designed this program to introduce you to the eco-diversity of Costa Rica visiting some of the most important national parks.
Belize Islands has a number of majestic mountains
Big things come in small packages. Belize offers a mix of tropical forests, rich with wildlife, majestic mountains and mysterious Maya temples.
Enjoy luxury ecological experience offerings in Costa Rica
This program was designed to provide a luxury ecological experience offering pampered relaxation, and a variety of activities.