Brochure Request

Thank you for the brochure request. With the enormous amount of programs we feature on our website, and the ability to add new programs instantly (not having to wait for new brochure print); and in support of the eco-friendly method of distribution, we have limited (reduced) our printing efforts and rely more on the website.

We do print a yearly promotional brochure, detailing our style of tour services, with sample tour packages, also reminding you and your clients that we have a large menu of proposed tour packages on our website.

We will automatically added you to our e-newsletter list and will send you periodical updates and relevant promotions.

Thank you for your interest in LATIN TRAVEL DISCOVERY. We look forward to assisting you in whatever you may need.

Toll free : 877.422.2212

Office :  718.551.9821

Email: [email protected]