Private Jet Tours

Private Jet Tours is the extension of our VIP Luxury Journeys, working in tandem with our concierge-style services desk. When booking a Private Jet or Yacht Tour you are assigned a Designated Concierge Destination Manager that will be responsible for all aspects and details of your tour. This commences from the minute your file is designated as a Private Jet Tour Customer. Beginning with the required research before the tour, the hands-on, proactive attention that accompanies you each day on tour, and the follow up after your trip.

We understand the VIP Luxury Traveler, and what is required to create and deliver unique travel experiences for the most discerning travelers, with uncompromised quality of services. We are a team of enthusiastic travel specialists, each with over twenty five years’ experience in outside the box VIP Luxury services.

Mysteries of the Inca interest tourists in Peru
Come, learn first-hand the mysteries of the Inca Civilization. Sample the best Peru has to offer traversing Peru by Private Jet.
Colombia is a land of contrasts and legends
Colombia is a land of contrasts and legends, an entire continent encompassed in one country. Sample the best of Colombia by Private Jet.
A waterfall in Argentina is covered by ice
Argentina, diverse landscapes and multifaceted cultures. We traverse Patagonian snow-capped mountains, tropical jungles, waterfalls and more.