Cultural and Historic

Todays, better informed, more sophisticated and therefore more demanding travelers seek authentic experience-enhanced vacations exploring the culture and history of the places they visit. Cultural tourism represented the lion share of tour interests, arguably accounting for the lion share of international tourism. Latin American culture stretches over a wide range of interests that together embed the character and personality of the civilizations it represents, demonstrating the expression of what is most relevant to their heritage.

We invite you to learn firsthand the amazing and mysterious history that generate a mix of ancient cultures dating back to Pre-Columbian days or the European colonization that has transformed how Latin America is to this day. So join us on an amazing journey where you will experience open-air museums such as those found in Peru; to Colombia’s rich and multicultural history offering abundance of ancient sites and landmarks. Latin America has it all.

A panoramic shot of the Panama City skyline
Introductory tour includes visits to Panama City, the Canal and Miraflores Locks; several important parks and its indigenous communities.
Panama boasts hundreds of islands spanning the Caribbean
Panama boasts hundreds of islands spanning the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, spectacularly beautiful mountains, highlands and historical sites.
A street carnival in progress at Panama
This is your starter tour program to introduce you to the diverse attractions and wondrous destination of Panama.
A seal poses near a beach in Galapagos Islands
This program will introduce you to the Galapagos Archipelago of volcanic islands located 600-mile off the mainland, five million years in the making.
Enjoy luxury ecological experience offerings in Costa Rica
This program was designed to provide a luxury ecological experience offering pampered relaxation, and a variety of activities.
Costa Rica tourists can experience Wilderness in Luxury
We designed this program to introduce you with the bio-diversity of Costa Rica providing a luxury ecological experience.
Costa Rica mountains are a treat for adventure tourists
This program was designed with the active traveler in mind, combining robust eco-diversity with the fun and outdoor activities.
Woman in a traditional Latin America attire with her child
You are invited to experience the mysteries of Ecuador and Peru. Visit the highlands of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and enchanting Peru.
Man minds his boat as a cruise liner sails by
From the cosmopolitan flair of Lima to Incan culture high in the Andes, this adventure provides a panoramic view of Peru and a glimpse of Bolivia.
A golf cart takes tourists across a scenic landscape
We invite you to explore the mysteries and enchantments of Peru. Visit historical cities and the indigenous population maintaining traditions of old.
The Machu Pichu is a historical attraction for tourists
This is a sample 4-night module package featuring the basic stay in Cuzco, Urubamba Valley and Machu Picchu.
Traditional tribesmen that are natives in Peru
We invite you to experience, first hand, the mysteries and enchantments that Peru has to offer. Visit Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Amazon rainforest.