Cultural and Historic

Todays, better informed, more sophisticated and therefore more demanding travelers seek authentic experience-enhanced vacations exploring the culture and history of the places they visit. Cultural tourism represented the lion share of tour interests, arguably accounting for the lion share of international tourism. Latin American culture stretches over a wide range of interests that together embed the character and personality of the civilizations it represents, demonstrating the expression of what is most relevant to their heritage.

We invite you to learn firsthand the amazing and mysterious history that generate a mix of ancient cultures dating back to Pre-Columbian days or the European colonization that has transformed how Latin America is to this day. So join us on an amazing journey where you will experience open-air museums such as those found in Peru; to Colombia’s rich and multicultural history offering abundance of ancient sites and landmarks. Latin America has it all.

City Landscape towered by mountains in the backdrop
Your introduction to magical South America. Vibrant Santiago, sophisticated Buenos Aires, sensuous Rio de Janeiro, and majestic Iguassu Falls.
A weekend getaway to South American islands is fun
A week getaway visiting elegant Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina and Rio de Janeiro, the fun and sun capital of South America.
City landscape amidst brilliant natural surroundings
This classical 3-city tour will introduce you to the magic and excitement of Brazil and Argentina, visiting Buenos Aires, Iguassu Falls and Rio de Janeiro.
Buenos Aires mixes old European grandeur and Latin passion
Welcome to Buenos Aires, a mix of old European grandeur and Latin passion. Immerse yourself in this seductive city rich with culture and history.
The world famed Iguassu falls in Argentina
Experience the wonders of Argentina. Visit the Capital of Buenos Aires, world famed Iguassu falls, and the amazing nature and beauty of Bariloche.
Argentina has magnificent landscapes and natural wonders
Come and experience some of the most magnificent landscapes and natural wonders the world has to offer while sampling excellent gourmet and wine.
The snowy Andean plateau in Argentina
Land of diversity, vast pampas, snowy Andean plateau, rolling wine regions, wetlands, Patagonian glaciers and Wildlife Reserves.
Gourmet food and wine served to the guests
Come and discover Argentina’s rich culture, assorted landscapes, stunning natural wonders, while sampling some of the best gourmet and wine.