Woman enjoys a drink at a jungle safari in Ecuador

Ecuador, Highlands & Jungle Adventure

Ecuador has an array of vibrant indigenous cultures, well-preserved colonial architecture, majestic volcanic landscapes and dense jungle rainforest.

Costa Rica is famous for Eco Adventure tours

Costa Rica Eco-Adventure

We designed this program to introduce you to the eco-diversity of Costa Rica visiting some of the most important national parks.

A panoramic shot of the Panama City skyline

The Path Less Traveled

Introductory tour includes visits to Panama City, the Canal and Miraflores Locks; several important parks and its indigenous communities.

A street carnival in progress at Panama

Panama Getaway

This is your starter tour program to introduce you to the diverse attractions and wondrous destination of Panama.

A walkway over a waterbody in Belize Islands

Belize, Islands & Maya Adventure

Belize offers the perfect getaway for those seeking to blend a beach experience with eco or soft adventure, visiting Maya sites engulfed the rainforest jungle.

A seal poses near a beach in Galapagos Islands

Introduction to Galapagos

This program will introduce you to the Galapagos Archipelago of volcanic islands located 600-mile off the mainland, five million years in the making.

Costa Rica mountains are a treat for adventure tourists

Costa Rica Adventurer

This program was designed with the active traveler in mind, combining robust eco-diversity with the fun and outdoor activities.

Woman in a traditional Latin America attire with her child

Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, & Peru

You are invited to experience the mysteries of Ecuador and Peru. Visit the highlands of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands and enchanting Peru.

The Machu Pichu is a historical attraction for tourists

Machu Picchu Extension

This is a sample 4-night module package featuring the basic stay in Cuzco, Urubamba Valley and Machu Picchu.

Peru is the land of Inca, a mysterious lost civilization

Peru’s Inca Heritage

Welcome to the land of the Inca, a mysterious lost civilization. What remains are ruins of temples and ancient cities.

Three monkeys in a typical rainforest in Peru

Classic Peru & Tambopata Rainforest

The Incas forged an incredible civilization that learned how to tame the geography of Peru and live in harmony with the sun, rivers, and jungle.

Peru offers tourists a number of mysteries and enchantments

Classic Peru

You are cordially invited to experience, first hand, the mysteries and enchantments that Peru has to offer highlighting Cuzco and Machu Picchu.