Adventure Tours

Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing segment of the travel and tourism market, drawing in more and more people on a yearly basis. But what exactly is adventure travel and what can you expect out of an adventure trip? That is completely up to you, because "adventure" has a different meaning for every individual traveler. That said, in its purest form, this type of travel generally offers some classic experiences and activities that truly help to define its style. The thirst to discover new cultures and off-the-beaten-path natural treasures is fast becoming the preferred method of travel. From the awesome, pristine wilderness of Patagonia to the mysterious Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Latin America is home to some of the most diverse landscapes, vibrant cities and National Geographic wonders on the planet. You could spend years discovering everything that Latin America has to offer. We invite you to pursue the diverse, wide-ranging sample programs we offer and select your type and level of adventure, or ask us to custom-design the adventure program that fits you best!

Headshot of a beautiful and colorful parrot
We introduce you to some of Brazil’s amazing Eco-systems including a visit to Rio de Janeiro, the fun and sun capital of South America.
Cruise ship gives tourists an experience of the Amazon
Introduction to the magic and excitement of Brazil and Argentina featuring the mighty Iguassu Falls, sensuous Rio de Janeiro, and magical Amazon.
Startling natural diversity of South America
This is a grand, 30-day tour, designed to introduce you the startling diversity of South America, traversing the top 5 selling countries in the region.
Cruise ship takes tourists across the Amazonian Rain Forest
Explore some of the most exotic, unexplored and endangered regions on our planet. Visit wonder forests, glacial lakes to the Amazonian Rain Forest.
Argentina has a stunning array of landscapes
Experience Argentina’s stunning array of landscapes and its cultural sophistication. Immerse yourself with natural beauty and dramatic landscapes.
Wine field in Argentina bordered by buildings
What better joy and excitement than exotic travel and treating your palates to some of the best gourmet and wine experience anywhere in the world.
An icy mountain adorns the landscape in Brazil
A tour designed to introduce you the startling diversity of South America while being pampered by the best hotels and lodges the region has to offer.
Chile has a stunning array of landscapes representing nature
We invite you to experience, first-hand Chile & Argentina’s stunning array of landscapes representing nature at its most pristine state.
The snowy Andean plateau in Argentina
Land of diversity, vast pampas, snowy Andean plateau, rolling wine regions, wetlands, Patagonian glaciers and Wildlife Reserves.
Gourmet food and wine served to the guests
Come and discover Argentina’s rich culture, assorted landscapes, stunning natural wonders, while sampling some of the best gourmet and wine.