Active Vacations

There is a definite paradigm shift in what makes for the perfect vacation. Many travelers, and especially luxury clientele are no longer content just to have a typical destination experience. It’s all about “experiential travel” now, with upscale vacationers trying to be more like backpackers when they’re out and about, getting a more authentic feel for the regions visited. The most in demand adventure activities seems to be found in ecotourism, cultural, environmentally sustainable, hiking, and culinary related travel.

Adventure travelers are broadening their horizons beyond well-known European cities to seek new frontiers off the beaten path. Latin America is especially popular as active travelers can experience a combination of nature and culture while visiting some of the most remote and pristine places on earth.

Experience Argentina’s stunning array of landscapes and its cultural sophistication. Immerse yourself with natural beauty and dramatic landscapes.
A tour designed to introduce you the startling diversity of South America while being pampered by the best hotels and lodges the region has to offer.
We invite you to experience, first-hand Chile & Argentina’s stunning array of landscapes representing nature at its most pristine state.
Land of diversity, vast pampas, snowy Andean plateau, rolling wine regions, wetlands, Patagonian glaciers and Wildlife Reserves.
Come and discover Argentina’s rich culture, assorted landscapes, stunning natural wonders, while sampling some of the best gourmet and wine.